A Commercial Kitchen is Incomplete without these Kitchen Appliances in Kent

Are you thinking about opening an eatery? Start by stocking up on some industrial-grade equipment from Evans Appliances and have more time to focus on things like exploring suitable premises and achieving licenses, permits and leases.
If you are reading this blog, we have got you covered with just the right set of kitchen appliances in Kent to streamline your operations while improving efficiency. We understand how intimidating it can be to choose the perfect apparatus to run your food service establishment which is why you can leave behind all your worries and taking a look at the necessities for your kitchen before, during and after service.

A Guide to the Essential Tools of the Trade to Equip Your Kitchen for Culinary Success

Appliances are at the heartbeat of every commercial kitchen. This is what we have on offer:

Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Kent Before Service:

Evans Appliances has a rich stock of storage refrigeration appliances to store perishables in supermarkets, medical facilities, restaurants, hotels and other commercial settings. Winning features include ample storage capacity, temperature control and durable construction which determine our choices when curating our collection of commercial fridges and freezers. Discover more about the benefits of these appliances below.
• Freezers
Whether it’s a glass-door freezer, a glass-lid chest freezer or an island freezer, this appliance is necessary to keep ingredients fresh. While the former lets you get a peek inside to locate items without the need to open the door, the second type is space-saving and energy-efficient. Island freezers on the other hand allow for extra preparation space for chefs.
• Fridges
While glass-door fridges improve workflow and save chef’s precious time by allowing them to locate ingredients through their clear doors, upright commercial fridges offer sufficient storage for chilled ingredients. Choosing between the two is a matter of preference for visibility, accessibility, and storage maximisation.

Kitchen Appliances in Kent During Service:

Delicious food isn’t the only thing that makes a UK restaurant exceptional. They need exceptional customer service, followed by a commitment to ensure food safety and quality. Appliances like ovens, microwaves and fryers provide proper cooking temperatures, save time, maintain consistency in cuisine quality and prevent cross-contamination.
• Ovens
The UK market offers two choices for ovens: gas and electric. While the former is perceived as heavier duty and responsive, providing the convenience of adjusting heat levels, the latter proves more efficient and easy to operate. Since not all eateries are spacious, business owners can get combi ovens to benefit from their multi-functional aspects.
• Fryers
If you are looking for a robust fryer that will be able to handle a large quantity of food, you might want to consider a freestanding fryer. For smaller requirements and spaces, go for countertop fryers.
• Microwaves
A commercial-grade microwave is a more durable and powerful option, making it perfect for a busy commercial kitchen. With age, the appliance never loses power but sustains continued use for a longer period of time.
Evans Appliances works with brands including Diamond, Whirlpool, Winia, Panasonic, Samsung and Sharp. If you are looking for a collection that meets your criteria of affordability and is dependable, explore our website.

Essential Kitchen Equipment in Kent for Chefs After Service:

At Evans Appliances, we understand the importance of maintaining high levels of hygiene standards to eliminate food-borne illnesses. Powered by water jets and sanitising cycles, a dishwasher removes grease, bacteria and food residues from cookware and serve ware. Therefore, we have handpicked only the best models from leading brands in the UK. Adler, Hobart, Alder, Miele, Hobart Ecomax and DC are a few we have at present. We are always adding more.
• Dishwashers
In the UK, dishwashers fall into three categories: freestanding, semi-integrated and tabletop. The best way to determine the right model is based on the volume of crockery and kitchenware. While under-counter dishwashers are ideal for medium-sized venues serving moderate dishwashing needs, pass-through models serve varying dishwashing requirements. The conveyor ones are best when the matter concerns handling high volumes, with the added advantage of automatic movement of dishes during the washing process.

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Unlike domestic kitchens, commercial kitchens are busy and cater to rigorous demands. The only way to streamline your operations while increasing efficiency is through reliable and professional-grade kitchen equipment.
If you are unsure about which brands are topping the charts when looking for freestanding fryers, microwaves, glass door freezers, upright commercial fridges or other kitchen appliances, browse Evans Appliances and shop for the essential tools of the trade to achieve culinary excellence in no time!