Exploring White Goods in Kent: A Guide to Top Appliances

Are you in search of the ideal white goods in Kent? Take a trip to Evans Appliances, where we are dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience, whether you are upgrading your kitchen or renovating the laundry room.
Let's explore the white goods in Kent with Evans Appliances today!

White Goods: All You Need to Know About Them

This term implies large household goods that are mainly used for daily chores in the laundry and the kitchen. It covers almost all products, including refrigerators, washers, dryers and dishwashers. Mostly, these goods are durable and are expected to have a service life of 3 years or longer. Initially, the name "white goods" was picked up as these goods were 'most likely white’ compared to brown electronics. Brown appliances or brown goods refer to those used for entertainment purposes, such as televisions and stereos. In the old days, they used to come only in a couple of tones and finishes, unlike the contemporary trend of multicoloured and even printed appliances. They are an indispensable part of every home, but their role and significance go way deeper than we realise. A few leaders in the white goods industry include Samsung, Diamond, Alder, Labcold, Gamko, etc.

The White Goods Industry: The Evolution

This industry is dynamic and constantly evolving through significant reforms. Here are a few of the most significant trends in white goods appliances in Kent nowadays:
Smart technology:
Appliances are getting smarter with each passing day. Refrigerators can now tell you when you are low on milk. Washing machines can now be controlled from your smartphone.
Energy efficiency:
With the ongoing climate crisis, there is a growing trend that encourages the manufacturing and use of energy-efficient and eco-friendly appliances. They not only help the planet but also reduce electricity bills for the consumer. There can be nothing more marketable than this.
Nowadays, personalisation is the key to a customer’s heart. Companies are now offering more options than ever when it comes to the size, colour and functionality of appliances.

White Goods: Why Do They Matter?

There are always some unsung heroes who go unnoticed despite all the hard work. White goods are the unsung heroes of our homes. They make our lives easier than we can even imagine. We have refrigerators that keep all foods and beverages fresh and washing machines that tackle unbelievable loads of laundry. These appliances are indispensable as far as living in the modern world is concerned. But the process of finding the right ones can be pretty difficult, especially when a myriad of options is available on the market.

What makes Evans Appliances stand out?

Evans Appliances is committed to making your shopping experience a cakewalk. Our showroom is located right in the heart of Kent and is practically a treasure trove of top-quality white goods from leading brands. You can also be assured that our staff will be here to walk you through all the steps in the process.

Check out Our Assortment of White Goods in Kent

Here is a short list of white goods appliances you can avail of at Evans Appliances:
Our speciality lies in our wide range of refrigerator options. You can check out our trendy French doors, where innovation and practicality combine into one sleek mechanism. So, you have enough space for the storage of all your grocery items. You can also go for a classic side-by-side configuration, ideal for utilising the space in tiny kitchens. With the help of features like adjustable shelves, humidity-controlled crisper drawers and advanced temperature control systems, our refrigerators make sure that your foods are well preserved for a long time.
Washing Machines:
It's time to break free from the tirades and conquer your mountains of laundry with our washing machine collection and be it the old-school, top-loading variety or the space-saving front-loader, find what works for you here. Discover the newest technologies, like steam cleaning, which gets deep into fabric, thereby removing stains and dirt naturally. Moreover, you can now choose from an array of capacities optimised for loads, from light loads to big family laundry.
You can now go for the ultimate convenience of dishwashing with the help of our dishwashers rather than spending an eternity washing all your dishes by hand. We have personalised sets of racks and programmes for all manner of dishes, including delicate glassware. They not only reduce noise but are also energy-efficient. So, they save time alongside water and energy, thereby making it a win-win for both your schedule and your environment.
Ovens and Cooktops:
Get the fire of your creativity going with our ovens and cooktops that are specially made to enhance your cooking experience. You can choose our convection ovens that ensure even baking and roasting or our induction cooktops designed to give you precise temperature control. We provide all the tools you need to release the chef within you. Make your cooking process as easy as a breeze from the start to the finish with the help of features like built-in self-cleaning systems coupled with touch-sensitive controls.
Range Hoods:
If you want to top it up, choose from our many beautiful range hoods. Whether you prefer to eliminate smoke, steam, or even smells coming from your kitchen, our range hoods have been created to keep your air fresh and your romantic ambience alive. Select from our variety of models and sizes to match your kitchen design and colour and ensure quality airflow and ventilation at the same time.

Experience the Evans Difference:

Whether it is a routine replacement of a singular appliance or an upgrade of the whole kitchen, Evans Appliances has some fantastically superior white goods appliances in Kent intended to suit your needs.  Visit our showroom today to impress yourself with the wide range of robust, reliable and innovative white goods we have in store for you (literally!). Let's make your house a cosy home, one appliance at a time!