Hobart Ecomax H604W-12B Hood / Passthrough Dishwasher WRAS Approved

Hobart Ecomax H604W-12B Hood / Passthrough Dishwasher WRAS Approved

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2 compressor groups and 2 evaporatorsÊ independent.Ê.Included: 2x 3 grids GN2/1 (530x650 mm)..Freezer: inner door fitted with warming resistance and depression valve..4 adjustable stainless steel feet.Ê.Manufactured in stainless steelÊ inside and outside in AISI 304 (back in galvanized steel). Stainless steel rack and slides (anti-tilting)Ê allowing to place the grids as one pleasesÊ stamped interior bottomÊ rounded angles and corners.. Doors with ergonomic handle (no salient) and reversibleÊ snap-fit" closure by magnetic joint (easy replacement without tools)Ê hinges with stop at 100¡ and closure of the doors with automatic recall.. Micro-switch deviceÊ allowing the ventilator's stopÊ while opening the door.. Standard delivered with key lock.Ê. Upper panel for the accessibility of the compressorÊ on hingesÊ easy inspection.. Tropicalized compressor group (ambient T¡ +43¡C)Ê ventilated condenser.Ê. Over-sized evaporator(s)Ê ventilated or static)Ê treated against the salt and the food acids "coating"Ê completely hidden.Ê. Refrigerant expansion R404A by capillary.. "Digital" electronic microprocessor (under closed boxÊ 100% waterproof) with HACCP functionsÊ front screen control with blue LED.. Intern lighting with switch.Ê. Automatic defrosting of the evaporator (by warm gas)Ê number of defrosts programmed by factory (modifiable at will).. Condenser's automatic defrost (by warm gas).. Polyurethane insulation without CFC (75 mm = super insulated).. The equipment is manufactured following the (CE) standards in force.."

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